TBH Master List Imbolc 2019 (Odd Associations)

Welcome to the first Tarot Blog Hop of the 2019 season.

Master list (for those who have encountered gaps in the hop-circle) is after the introduction.

Intro--An idea that occurred to me as I was loading the dishwasher--the prompt for this edition of the Tarot Blog Hop

The theme for this edition of the Tarot Blog Hop is “Odd Associations."

As readers and users of the symbolism of the Tarot and oracle decks, we create a string of associations with the emblems and mythology of divination. For instance, with the cards of the Tarot, a reader can associate them with events, people, feelings, places, etc. Those who dive into the esoteric systems will sometimes also have dates and locations, zodiac symbols, kabbalahistic ideas, etc. associated with the cards. Basically, divination systems are like a giant filing cabinet that we toss imagery into, so that later we can use the symbols as a hint of what is going on.

Sometimes, okay often, individual readers will stumble upon new symbols sets to associate the cards with. For instance, I know one reader who ended up reading for lawyers on a regular basis, resulting in a lot of the cards having an additional layer having to do with the court and legal system. It was a specialized set of meanings developed in an unique situation. Most of us have such unique insights, due to the people and conditions that we worked with injunction with our favorite divination system.

(My own work involves using the symbolism in the telling of science fiction and urban fantasy stories—not something that is covered in the Little White Book.)

Your task for this hop is to share your Oddest, Most Interesting, Most Educational associations that you have adapted in your divination practice. Have you discovered yourself reading for circus clowns, disgruntled teenagers, aliens from outer space, or a herd of cats? Entertain and educate us with your favorite story that begins with “One time at the Witch Scout Jubilee…”


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